Feb 08 2012

Top 10 Challenges We Help you Address

Well it’s here….ServiceVantage’s 10th anniversary!  Well, actually it was the last week of January, which means we are a little late getting the last in our Top 10 blog series out the door.  For the record, doing a “Top 10” list each week for 10 weeks has been a very ambitious project – hence the […]

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Jan 30 2012

Top 10 Strategies to Improve Adoption and Usage

Our next topic in our weekly Top Ten series:  The Top 10 Strategies to Improve Adoption and Usage. One of the prime objectives of the ServiceVantage Client Lifecycle Methodology is ‘Consistent and Pervasive Adoption and Usage’.  These are absolutely key elements in Revenue Protection and Client Retention.  This means, of course, that all technology firms […]

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Jan 20 2012

Top 10 Client Focused People

Throughout our many years working with dozens of technology companies, we have come across many amazing, client focused people.  For the 8th topic in our Top 10 series, we would like to highlight the 10 individuals who, we believe, show outstanding talent and effectiveness in servicing their respective clients. PAX2UPTDTHUE   In alphabetical order: 1 – […]

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Jan 12 2012

Top 10 Characteristics of an Effective Client Services Team

Client Services can mean different things to different companies, but in the technology space, we are referring to the client/customer facing group who are primarily responsible for support, training, professional services and (non-sales) relationship management . Over the years, we have helped many companies create Client Services strategies and Operational tactics.  Here are our top […]

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